Student Life & Activities

St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University offers many opportunities for students to engage with each other and the community around issues related to mission-driven healthcare. Students can connect with classmates over shared interests, volunteer for service, or pursue faith-based activities. Throughout the year, St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University also hosts social events on campus and at local venues, such as pub nights and holiday celebrations.

Student Organizations

Join a student organization to meet classmates and deepen your expertise.

Radiography Club (RAD) – The RAD Club provides students who are interested in radiography with contacts and resources that enrich their academic and professional experience. Members meet monthly for discussion, as well as to facilitate valuable experiences in leadership and career development.

Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) – The SNA fosters the development of future registered nurses by providing educational resources, service and leadership opportunities and career guidance. SNA members take part in study groups, networking events, spirit events, and more. The St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University SNA is the local chapter of the National Student Nurses’ Association and is open to all nursing degree students.

Interested in starting a new club? Contact Student Affairs: 475-210-6411..


In keeping with the St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University mission to care for the sick poor and to educate others in healthcare ministry, students are encouraged to volunteer to aid those in need. Regular opportunities are offered with local initiatives such as The Center for Family Justice, Homes for the Brave and Swim Across the Sound, as well as with international organizations, allowing students to serve others while getting to know their classmates and faculty. Student organizations also may pursue service opportunities specific to their focus.

Campus Ministry

St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University is a Catholic institution and offers religious and social justice activities for interested students. We welcome students from all religious backgrounds.