Transcript Requests

Instructions for Requesting a St. Vincent’s College Transcript

The following instructions are to request official transcripts for coursework taken at SVC on or before 7/2/2018. For courses taken at SVC at SHU, after 7/2/2018, please request your transcript here.

  1. Contact Vinny Cataudella, Associate Registrar, to ensure all financial obligations have been reconciled. No transcript will be released if you owe a balance to St. Vincent’s College.
  2. Pay the fee of $5.00 for each official transcript requested. Click here to pay.
  3. Fill out a Transcript Request Form below. If you had a different last name while attending the College, please include on this form.

Please allow 3-5 business days for the processing.

Contact Vinny Cataudella, Associate Registrar, with any questions: or 203-576-5616.

Transcript Request Form: