Financial Aid Forms

Federal Student Aid Resources (Online)

In addition to the forms below, some requirements of financial aid can be completed only on the Federal Student Aid website. These processes include:

Steps for Students:

  • Complete Entrance Counseling
  • Complete Loan Agreement for a Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan (MPN)
  • Complete Financial Awareness Counseling
  • Complete Exit Counseling

Steps for Parents (of dependent students):

  • Apply for a PLUS Loan
  • Complete Loan Agreement for a PLUS Loan (MPN)
  • Complete PLUS Credit Counseling
  • Complete Financial Awareness Counseling

In order for students and/or parents to access these processes, an FSA ID must be used.  If you need to create or update your FSA ID, you can do so on the Federal Student Aid website.

Reviewing Your Award

Log into your SHU Awards to view your Financial Aid Award. For assistance reviewing your award, please utilize:

Reviewing Your Missing Documents

Log into your SHU Awards “My Documents” tab, under the appropriate aid year (upper right corner), to review your required documents, which may include:

Financial Aid Documents (Forms)

Additional requirements of the financial aid process are completed using the documents below. These documents may only be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Assistance by the following means since they contain personally identifiable information:

  • SHUAwards – NEW for 2019-20 (Upload your missing/incomplete documents under Menu>My Documents>Upload it Now
  • Secure fax: 475-210-5318
  • Mail or in person: SVC at SHU Office of Student Financial Assistance, 75 Hunting Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance: 203-576-5937 or

Undergraduate Forms

Required for all SVC students.


Federal Forms


Verification Documents

If you have been selected for verification, you can read more about the process on our Verification page.

You can also access the verification forms for the appropriate academic year at the bottom of the Verification page.

Alternative Loan Certification

Required for students making use of alternative education loans.