CastleBranch Instructions

To complete your health clearance, background check and drug screen, please follow the instructions below for using CastleBranch. You will need your personal PIN that was provided by SVC at SHU.

If you need assistance with this process, please try the following options for guidance:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Using your PIN provided by SVC at SHU, log onto 

Step 2: Select Place Order

Step 1 Screen for CastleBranch

Step 3: Click on the “+” symbol to open the drop down

Step 2 CastleBranch Screen

Step 4: Select the program that you are enrolled in by clicking on the “+” symbol

Step 4 Screen for CastleBranch

Step 5: Click on the Background Check – Drug Screen – compliance tracker link
(The image below is only an example. The TV number will be specific to the program that you are enrolled in)

Step 5 screen for Castlebranch

Step 6: Check the box marked “I have read this information” and click the “Click to Continue” button.
(The image below is only an example. Under Order Instructions the program that you are enrolled in would appear)

Step 6 Screen for CastleBranch

Step 7: Check the box marked “I have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use” and click the “Continue” button.

Step 7 screen for CastleBranch

Step 8: Enter the PIN that was provided to you by SVC at SHU and click the “Next” button.
Step 8 Screen for CastleBranch

Step 9: Enter your personal information and click the “Next” button.
Step 9 screen for CastleBranch

Step 10: Create a password and click “Create Account”. Please make note of the password so you can access your account in the future. Also, please be sure to provide an email address that you check regularly, or, it is preferred that you use your Sacred Heart email address.

Step 10 Screen or Castlebranch

Step 11: Select your name from the drop down and click “Next”.
Step 11 Screen for Castlebranch

Step 12: Review all of your information to ensure its accuracy and then click “Submit”.

Step 12 Screen for Castlebranch

Step 13: Once you receive your Order Confirmation click “Next”.
Step 13 screen for Castlebranch

Step 14: This is your “To-Do-List”. These are the 9 clinical requirements that must complete before the first day of classes begin for your first semester.
Step 14 Screen for CastleBranch

Step 15: Click on the plus sign for each requirement to upload your documentation.