Clinical Compliance for Admitted Students

Welcome! As a condition of your training to provide medical services, your admission to St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University is contingent upon the successful completion of health clearance compliance, a background check and a drug screen. SVC at SHU uses an outside vendor, CastleBranch, to provide background checks, drug screenings and clinical compliance tracking. All students must enroll in and activate a CastleBranch account. SVC at SHU does not accept copies of medical information.

You must also meet facility requirements for clinical practice. Health care facility placement agreements and patient safety necessitate strict compliance with health screening requirements. Failure to comply with these requirements will prevent you from attending class and participating in your clinical rotation. Please note that certain health requirements are to be completed annually.

You will not be permitted to register for or attend classes if you have not completed these steps.

Steps for Completing the Background Check, Drug Screen and Health Clearance Compliance Requirements

Health Clearance, Background Check, Drug Screen

  1. Log into CastleBranch. Visit the CastleBranch Student Portal (CastleBranch Student Portal) and set up an account using your unique PIN Number.
  2. Complete the “To-Do List” provided by CastleBranch.
  3. Collect CPR certification. CPR certification “Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers” is required. Only two types of in-person CPR certification are acceptable:
    • American Heart Association – Healthcare professional CPR Basic Life Support (BLS Provider), or
    • American Red Cross – Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
  4. Submit the Health Clearance form to SHU. In order for the University to comply with Connecticut State Law regarding student immunizations, all students are required to submit the Health Clearance Form for SHU’s record. The form can be downloaded from the CastleBranch portal, and once completed it must be uploaded to two (2) places:
    1. the CastleBranch portal, and
    2. the SHU Wellness Center “My Health Portal” (you do not need to have your physician fill out a second form).

Students are required to have a physical annually and upload the completed Health Clearance form to both CastleBranch and The Sacred Heart University Wellness/Student Health Services Center. Questions regarding My Health Portal should be directed to the SHU Wellness Center at 203-371-7838.

CastleBranch will notify us once you have completed the background check, drug screen and health clearance. Students will need to complete a drug screen annually, or sooner if the clinical site requires it.

Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

  1. Complete sexual misconduct prevention training prior to the start of your first semester. It is Sacred Heart University policy that all faculty, staff and students complete sexual misconduct prevention training. Training is included in New Student Orientation. If you could not attend Orientation, only two types of sexual misconduct prevention training are accepted:
    • SHU onsite SEXUAL MISCONDUCT PREVENTION TRAINING. This is a one-time training for Sexual Misconduct Prevention. There are multiple sessions offered on campus throughout the year organized by the SHU Title IX Coordinator. Upon completion of the training students will be emailed a certificate. Students need to sign anywhere on the front of their certificate and upload it to their CastleBranch account with the email that was sent to them. An unsigned certificate and/or failure to upload the email will cause CastleBranch to reject the documents and you will be considered non-compliant.
    • VIRTUS Training. Through the Diocese of Bridgeport or Arch-Diocese of Hartford you can fulfill this specific requirement. Visit for a schedule of the Dioceses trainings being offered. Once completed, the certificate/card must be sent to the SHU Title IX Coordinator for verification. Once verified, the certificate must be uploaded to your CastleBranch account.


If you have questions regarding these requirements or this process, please review the Clinical Compliance FAQs and/or contact Gina Terkildsen, Contract and Compliance Coordinator, at 475-210-5651 or