Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a unique and specialized service.  It is designed to support students in pursuit of their academic goals — big or small!  In a short, 15-30 minute one-on-one academic coaching meeting, you can discuss whatever is most important to facilitate your academic growth.  Study strategies, organization, time management, motivation and test-taking anxiety are just a few examples of academic coaching topics.  Your academic coach will be mindful of your goals and provide support to enhance your approach to learning.  Working with an academic coach can save you time, energy and anxiety as you approach your coursework. You may schedule a meeting in person. 

How Academic Coaching Can Support You

  • Work one-on-one to find a personalized, effective approach to your classes
  • Discover ways to raise your GPA
  • Organize and stay on track
  • Increase motivation
  • Manage academic anxiety/stress
  • Check in periodically to keep on track and sustain motivation
  • Efficient, time saving, study strategies
  • Strengthen time management abilities
  • Share other resources that can support your success

(Academic Coaching does not provide support on course content. See Tutoring for content support.)

What Students Are Saying About Academic Coaching

“My Academic Coach was motivating! I learned ways in which I could schedule my time in order to best suite my academic needs.” “I am glad that I worked up the courage to seek out help. In Academic Coaching, the tools I learned were very beneficial.” “Academic Coaching was really awesome and throughout my meetings, I actually improved a lot this semester.  I’ll be back next semester as well in hoping of continuing to improve.” “My Academic Coach was GREAT!!! It helped me a lot. We were able to talk about my classes, and I felt confident on how to go forth with my assignments.” “I wish everyone would go and talk to an academic coach!!!”

Schedule an Academic Coaching Meeting!

To schedule a quick and impactful academic coaching meeting, email Nick with your availability for an appointment, and you will receive a response as soon as possible!