Student Success Center

We Care About Your Academic Success!

We encourage all students to utilize support services to achieve growth as a student. The services available are designed to support students achieve their academic potential. Located in the Student Success Center, we work collaboratively with faculty, staff and other campus partners to create a strong environment to facilitate student learning. Visit us at Hunting Street, in room H101, for student-centered, accessible, inclusive and free academic support!

How We Will Support You

  • Strengthen time management abilities
  • Develop efficient and effective study strategies
  • Discover academic accommodations resources
  • Enhance and sustain motivation, plus a growth mindset
  • Empower use of tutoring and campus resources
  • Any other topic to support your academic success

Contact Us

Nick Boretsky, Student Success Coordinator

Student Success Center: 75 Hunting Street, Room H101


Academic Coaching and Resources
Learn about the service of Academic Coaching and discover many other helpful academic resources at the Academic Success Center.
Library Services
Explore the library collections and locations that are available to you.
Office of Student Accessibility
Find out how to request accommodations and special learning services.
Get details on the many tutoring resources offered to students.