St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University has multiple on-site laboratory facilities. Students practice procedures and reinforce training in these safe settings, to bridge the theory and clinical practicum components of the academic programs.

Skills Labs

The Skills Laboratories provide simulated settings where students practice skills taught during the course of the programs, prior to implementation in the clinical setting. They are utilized to support the learning that occurs both in the classroom and in the clinical setting. Students may practice both clinical skills and critical thinking to better prepare themselves to care for their patients.

Our state of the art Nursing Skills Laboratory is open for the practice of skills throughout the week, including day and evening hours.  Skills Laboratory hours and sign-up sheets for practice, re-demonstrations, and remediation of nursing skills are posted in the Skills Laboratory by lab personnel.  The faculty in the skills lab are expert clinicians and teachers who will guide students in the complex tasks of skills competency. The Simulation lab requires instructor assistance, but the Vital-Sims located in the Nursing Skills lab can be used without an instructor present.

Our Radiography Skills Laboratory is available to students for demonstrations and practice of clinical skills.

Science Labs

Two Anatomy and Physiology labs, along with a Microbiology lab, allow students to perform analytical procedures in a controlled environment.

Simulation Lab

The Clinical Nursing Simulation Laboratory has state of the art patient simulators in an environment that closely resembles the hospital, home and outpatient settings. It is utilized by nursing students throughout the program. The goal of a clinical simulation is to enhance the nursing student’s clinical reasoning, cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills in a safe learning environment. Clinical expectations and recording of simulation will be standard. The clinical simulation hours are integrated within the required clinical hours for each nursing course. A Simulation Facilitator and/or Clinical Instructor need to be present when the Clinical Nursing Simulation Laboratory is in use.